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Sep 26, 2011 4:30am EDT
city, 60s across the great lakes. around lake michigan, some pretty impressive water spouts near milwaukee and chicago. this impressive low has been generally meandering from canada. bee were watching it last week. heavy rain chicago towards detroit. we're going to watch that area of low pressure slowly start to pull eastward towards the end of the week. we'll finally get in on some of that rainfall. weave been watching some moisture near the bahamas. today we're stuck with variably cloudy skies. tomorrow will be scattered rain showers. i believe this is the eastern fringe. it starts to pull into the area. wednesday afternoon we'll get into that. then we will start to bring in some of that colder air. this is mimicking a pattern we had three weeks ago. a lot of times, these things like to repeat themselves. that comes with colder air. today 77. actually 79. i don't know why that 37 is there. early drizzle and fog. that will give way to more fog. the sun is warming us up. typical repeating pattern has we head in through tomorrow. wednesday, 78, looking at strong storms,'s special
Sep 21, 2011 4:30am EDT
is going to get cut off. it may settle somewhere southern great lakes, michigan, indiana, ohio, we are going to have to watch this pattern. this is really important, that area of low pressure is going to tap into the wind we have pulling up. this thing may start looking like what happened with lee, even though that was a tropical system area of low pressure stun stuck there. check out our forecast model with showers that pop up this afternoon and more moisture with the southeast early wind -- with the southeast wind. a chance of late showers and spotty showers and fog overnight. let's see if the fog is affecting anyone's commute. >> you definitely have to be careful out there. if you run into fog, slow down. visibility will be reduced. let's look at our live traffic cameras. the first one on 95 at 175. possible fog in this area but not so bad a little bit south in northern laurel. the fort mchenry tunnel, all the cars coming southbound. all of your lanes open right now. road work is clear so on 70 -- on 70. >>> this morning construction volunteers will sign up to take part in the e
Sep 22, 2011 4:30am EDT
south but will eventually do so across michigan and watching disturbances wrap their way around we have the moisture up the east coast. we could highlight the plume of moisture coming out of the central plains all trying to come into the whole central pattern with the disturbance coming out of the gulf of mexico and one larger disturbance right now that one poise today reach us perhaps tomorrow night in through saturday. we have a couple of rounds of heavy rain, but it depends on where the upper low settles. i showers and storms somewhere between baltimore, salisbury and ocean city. the heaviest rain on the eastern shore. continues to pump rain into the region and looks like friday afternoon it is going to be wet and we'll watch the real heavy rain maybe just off the coast or clipping ocean city. 74 is our two degree guaranteed high and showers and storms will continue overnight. how about traffic. >> reporter: 50 westbound at the bay bridge, we have a broken down car at the right lane. also a reminder, the ramp to 100 westbound will be closed until mid fall. let's take a live look at t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3